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If it’s a man’s world and God is a man, why did he choose women to give life? Ever since Eve ate from the Tree of Good & Evil, women have been blamed; abused; disregarded & disrespected by men, but why? She’s treated like a one-sided coin, just used for her tail as her head is ignored. In fact, her head has been cut off and when you cut off the head of a fertility doll, what are you left with? Our reality!

Marquez Love is an amateur football star and professional womanizer. Growing up in San Francisco is easy for him, because he is raised by his single-mother, who favors him over her four daughters. Armed with a wild temper and a nickel-plated nine, Marquez protects his sisters and mother from abusive boyfriends, sex-traffickers, crooked cops and his jailbird father, who are each a threat to their femininity.


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